I'm sure Leif never did that.

Tanks and planes may defeat the troops but they cannot conquer the people.

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We need to start over.

Ahm, maybe!

We've got to find her.

The more you study, the more curious you will become.

Come and sit over here.

Do you own a handgun?

Did you come here to help me or not?


Examine the question in its entirety.

We both want to go to Boston.

I can't stand to see you wasting your time.

You should be careful in choosing friends.

How're you all doing this morning?

Alain rejected this plan.

The train for Birmingham leaves from platform 3.


Please tell her it's urgent.


Brent might go.

You're within your rights.

I recommended her.

Henry didn't tell me how much the gift for Carisa cost.

I didn't do it for money.


As agreed, please find enclosed the updated contract.

He finished reading the letter.

She is possessed by a devil.

I am going to call on her tomorrow.

Who'd want to hurt her?

I'm not sure if it's a compliment or an insult.

There is a great conflict between religion and science.

I'm not here to make friends.

His house seems small beside mine.


He instantly fell in love with her.

Ritchey says he wants to quit his job.

Despite the heavy rain, he decided to leave.


Patricia wouldn't know.

When are we going to tell her?

I'm sure she'll get over her illness soon.


Public opinion counts for much.


We need to ask for a new dump truck. This one's full.

I have one big brother and two little sisters.

A bat is not a bird, but a mammal.


I will give you a call tomorrow night.

I ran into Herbert at lunch today.

I think Mark is here already.


I don't want her to be angry.

Here, this is for you!

I like addition but not subtraction.

Without a doubt, that student is a prodigy.

Did you suggest that to Kanthan?

Woe betide the child who speaks correct English; he will be the laughing-stock of his classmates.

There will be no more economic cooperation between my country and yours.

If the sky were to fall to the earth, birdcatching would be a simple task.

She's working out on the stairmaster.

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You're over-the-top in everything you do.

Sales should double this year.

The main valve is turned off.


I have a huge amount of clothes in my closet.


His next crime will be his last.


From the 5th to the 15th of January, please.

Who was murdered?

Shyam is very adventurous.

Weren't you frightened of that dog?

Masanao hid in the closet.

I have read the book before.

Together, everything is possible!

Can I have a word with you alone?

I'm having trouble standing up.

I'm sorry, but I can't resist.

What is the correct aperture in this light?

John sent me a letter written in German.

He never saw him again.

George is as tall as you.

I feel much safer now.

Jared scarcely seems to care for me, does she?

Thank you for agreeing to see me after work.


Cold weather is coming.


It's so embarrassing.

He'll wait for us to call him.

A war is an awful thing.

After dinner, we all went into the drawing room.

I heard you don't like Price.

I'm ready for the war.

My new course starts today.

Manuel is looking through the glass door.

Are you fucking kidding me?


If you'll just tell me what you want, I'll try to get it for you.


Don't you want to see the world?

Jem grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

I can't find my pipe.

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It's talking about how, thanks to air transport, we've lost the sense of 'season' for foodstuffs.


She is wearing a brooch.

Count as one fractions of half a yen and over, but ignore those of less.

Will you be at home tonight?

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I'll put his courage to the test.

We stayed with them all through the summer.

I loved that musical.


Don't use too much pepper.

Did you know that he bought a condominium?

He entered the university after failing the examination twice.


He went fishing instead of playing tennis.

What's your favorite love song?

Did you do it yourself?

Ning was a delicate child.

The English established colonies in America.

Some of the apples in the box were rotten.

Half the class say that they drink coffee.


Police corruption is a serious problem in this country.

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Back into the hole where I was born.

Blake didn't let Rand finish what she was trying to say.

I have already visited America.

This isn't any ordinary ability.

I never told Mott or anyone else about what happened that day.

The demon grabbed my sister and, with howling laughter, cast her into a bottomless pit.

Japan claims the Northern Territories for its own.

It shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Boy that was close.

We've been asked to help.

Jorge said you're not a real doctor.

You saw what happened in there, didn't you?

Brett probably won't even try talking to Darci.

He idles away his time.

I don't doubt your word, I doubt your ability.


Michelle missed the last train.

The bear is eating an apple.

I loved reading when I was a child.


I'm going to turn you in.

Why haven't you told him yet?

We'll start over.

His pride would not brook such insults.

You yourself don't know what you're talking about.


He has unsightly hairs growing out of his ears.

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It's almost midnight.

What will you be having?

I used to wear a tie to work.

People thought we were crazy.

Corn is an important crop in the United States.

You must not talk with your mouth full.

Have you paid the bill yet?

Taurus asked me the same questions Charleen had asked me.

I've never heard of that.

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Your job hangs by a thread.

I don't want anything happening to you.

We'll have a picnic on Sunday, weather permitting.

We need Huashi.

You're under investigation.

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This song speaks to me.

We reached school at eight-thirty.

They met at the estate of the shogun's retainer to play a game of cards.


Mother is anxious for my happiness.

Seeing all the worms wriggling on the corpse made me squirm all over.

Ronald never said who he was with last night.

I hope we can be good friends.

Shutoku is a few years younger than I am.


It seems to be working again.

At least he is not staring at her breast.

He has a good collection of modern paintings.

I'm free tonight

After a brief interlude, Caesar decided to join the army once again and left Rome. While he was sailing across the sea, a group of pirates kidnapped him.


Thank God you found me.

Her opinion was not accepted.

Glynn never was much of a swimmer.

A serious form of flu prevails throughout the country.

They already called off the strike.


A serious linguistic institution won't ever censure a translation, it does not matter how dirty or rude it feels when reading it.